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Disaster Recovery As A Service

cloud13Tips on Disaster Recovery As a Service – DRaaS.

Technology is changing at such a fast pace Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS is a gaining more and more in popularity. Being able to manage the internet and your data as well as having a well laid out disaster plan is very important. The ability to be able to continue doing business in the middle of a disaster is most important. Having a plan and the ability to set it in motion when disaster strikes is a benefit to any business.

Ninety percent of businesses can fail within 5 working days unless they have the ability to continue to do business after a emergency according to a recent study. Disasters can come in all forms. Some as large as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes or those little emergencies such as burst pipes, small fires, or vandalism can all greatly affect a business if they are shut down for extended periods of time.

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A recovery plan to include a software program that can backup the companies important files is one option offered. Offering a software program to backup your systems should be a system that a client can put their trust in and is affordable. This is just one branch in recovery plan.

Recovery plans are important regardless of the size of the business. The disaster recovery plans can be arranged to benefit business operations no matter how large. Businesses can then stay in contact with their communities, employees and vendors.

A mobile service can be available. Within hours a mobile unit can be on location at the business and have it up and running as soon as possible after an emergency or disaster. Of course this all depends on the location of the client to the headquarters of the mobile units. This is a valuable service offered to allow for the continuation of business in the aftermath of a disaster.

Storing your backup data whether on tapes or discs at a off site location is also a valuable resource. Assuring that the off site location is humidity and temperature controlled is very important to the protection of your information. The security of the location should be top notch to offer the most safety and protection of your stored data. Another layer of protection is having multiple copies of your tapes or discs stored in more than one location in the event that a disaster affects a large area.

In order to get a plan designed for your individual company a risk assessment would need to be done. Professionals can come into your company and prioritize and assess the various risks that could affect your business. They are able to formulate a plan that will cover a range of disasters that could have the greatest impact on your business.

Whether large or small all businesses needs a recovery plan to put into play in case of a emergency. Given these facts Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS is an added advantage to any business.

The author is a freelance writer for companies who provide Disaster Recovery as a Service.